Post Operative Pain Control

pain4_hiThe management of postoperative pain is an essential part of your recovery process. Effective pain control can help to reduce stress, reduce the risk of post surgical complications, and speed up your overall recovery. There are different types of pain control available to you depending on your condition and your planned procedure. You can discuss these options with your anesthesiologist during your anesthesia interview. Frequently, your pain can be handled simply with oral pain medicines (pills or syrups) or intravenous (IV) pain medicines. Some procedures allow us to offer regional anesthetic techniques that focus the administration of numbing medicines and pain medicines directly to nerve bundles. These regional anesthetic techniques, also known as nerve blocks, are beneficial in many ways. One benefit is the reduced need for systemic pain medicines (medicines that go all over your body, particularly the brain) thereby lowering the chances of over-sedation, slowed breathing, disorientation, and nausea and/or vomiting.