Benefits Summary – Physician

Eligibility: .50 FTE or 20 hours per week for full time benefits except as noted in items below.

Medical Insurance / Section 125 (See current attachment):

BCBS Medical Insurance Plan:
The Corporation pays a percentage of premiums for our Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan. Sponsored dependents are paid 100% by the employee (payroll deducted, pre-tax). Full time employees that do not enroll in our insurance plan are compensated through payroll at a Cash-In-Lieu rate of $170/month. This rate may be modified by the Board at any time. Part time employees may qualify for a percentage of the full time Cash-In-Lieu allowance.

Other Elective Insurance Plans:

  • Vision (VSP) – paid by employee as pre-tax payroll deduction
  • Dental Plan (Assurant) – paid by employee as pre-tax payroll deduction
  • AFLAC Insurance Products – paid by employee as pre-tax payroll deduction

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA):

  • Un-reimbursed Medical Account – Corporate Contribution plus optional pre-tax contributions available through payroll deduction.
  • Dependent Care Account – Optional contributions made pre-tax by employee

Corporate Expense Reimbursement:
Expense reimbursement for approved corporate expenses up to maximum determined by length of employment and employment contract.

Eligibility Variance: Pro-rated according to workload for employees that work less than 75%.

Group Life Insurance: Coverage paid by corporation.

Eligibility Variance: None

Group Disability Insurance:

Group policy-premiums paid by employee (payroll deducted). Benefit of 60% of monthly earnings to a maximum of $7,500 per month.

Eligibility: 30 hours per week

MHA Professional Liability Insurance:
The Corporation pays for $200,000/$600,000 coverage. Any employee who desires coverage of $300,000/$900,000 may pay the difference to the Corporation.

Eligibility Variance: Employees who use full time coverage to work at non-Anesthesia Management Services facilities would be expected to reimburse corporation for premiums paid according to the following schedule:

Providing AMS .50 to .74 FTE “ 25% of premium

“ .25 to .49 FTE “ 50% of premium
“ Below .25 “ 75% of premium

** Part time policy is available for employees working 20 hours per week maximum all work locations (AMS or Non-AMS). MUST work more than 50% of all hours at AMS to qualify.

*** Part time employees that elect to carry their own insurance coverage will be compensated through payroll at a rate of $210 per month. This rate may be modified by the Board at any time.

Association Dues and Licenses:
MSMS (Wayne, Oakland or St. Clair County dues including AMA dues), Michigan Physician, Michigan Controlled Substance, and DEA licenses paid by corporation.

Eligibility Variance: For those who work less than .50 FTE or 20 hours per week, employee would reimburse corporation for 50% of MSMS Dues

Profit Sharing:
Corporate Profit Sharing Plan with 401k available to all employees. Eligible for participation in the 401k the first of the month following date of hire. Entry into plan and eligible for Corporate Contribution beginning first of the month upon completion of 15 months of employment.

Eligibility: 500 hours per year for Corporate Contribution

General Bonus & Seniority Bonus
AMS members who have completed five years employment will be eligible for the General Bonus. The Seniority Bonus ($600/year of employment) is paid to those with three years of employment.

Eligibility Variance: Prorated if workload is less than 75%.

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